Wallace is the new President of the Trinidad and Tobago FA

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association has a new President in William Wallace.

The former National Senior Men’s and Under 23 Men’s team manager, dethroned ex-President David John-Williams in Sunday’s election at the Home of Football in Couva.

The first round of voting after lunch saw 46 votes cast with Wallace receiving 20, John-Williams collecting 16 and Richard Ferguson ten. With Ferguson eliminated from the second round, 46 votes were cast again with Wallace winning the head honcho’s spot with 26 votes to 20.

“It has been a long two months. Now, we’re going straight into the fire and the job’s begun. There was a groundswell of support from people, as far as Martinique, who wanted to see a change in the status quo for the betterment of TT’s football,

Wallace’s full slate succeeded, with first vice-pres­i­dent Clynt Tay­lor, Sam Phillip and Su­san Joseph-War­rick, all claiming vic­to­ry dur­ing the elec­tions yes­ter­day.

 Wallace gleamed over his United TTFA front, who completed a clean sweep in the elections, starting with Clynt Taylor defeating Selby Browne of John-Williams’ Team Impactors by 27 votes to 17 to claim first vice-president. Susan Joseph-Warrick, of United TTFA, is now the second vice-president as she garnered 30 votes to Team Impactors’ Anthony Moore (ten votes) and Raymond Thom’s four votes for the Ferguson slate. Lastly, United TTFA’s Sam Phillip became the third vice-president with 27 votes by defeating Team Impactors’ Colin Partap (13 votes) and Ferguson’s candidate, Shymdeo Gosine, who could only muster three.

Tay­lor de­feat­ed Sel­by Browne 27-17 for the po­si­tion of first vice-pres­i­dent, Joseph-War­rick beat An­tho­ny Moore 30-10 for sec­ond vice-pres­i­dent and Phillip de­feat­ed Col­in Par­tap 27-13 for the third vice-pres­i­dent spot. Shymdeo Go­sine, the oth­er can­di­date in the toss-up for third vice-pres­i­dent, re­ceived three votes, while Ray­mond Thom, the oth­er sec­ond vice-pres­i­dent can­di­date, got four votes.

Wal­lace im­me­di­ate­ly told re­porters that his team will re­sume spon­sor­ship talks with all com­pa­nies, lo­cal and in­ter­na­tion­al, who had giv­en them com­mit­ments in the runup to the elec­tion.

He thanked God and oth­ers who sup­port­ed him and his slate, in­clud­ing the 47 del­e­gates who were el­i­gi­ble to vote yes­ter­day. One of the del­e­gates did not show up for yes­ter­days’ event. He said as they go for­ward seek­ing to ef­fect change, their first as­sign­ment will be a fact-find­ing one.

We are going in in the dark so we need to get some light before we start. I think it (the victory) was more than my campaign. It was what was happening to T&T football for the last four years. My campaign was basic but, now it’s all about the collective effort,” Wallace said. The new president divulged he would be having a more open style of governance and it would begin with proper audits on staff and financials. Wallace did reveal, though, he was willing to work with any member of the TTFA and all stakeholders to improve the game.

Team Impactors’ Facebook posted, “On behalf of Mr David John-Wiiliams, we would like to congratulate the new president of the TTFA, Mr William Wallace.”

Laying out some of his other plans, Wallace revealed upping fan turnout is a priority, as well as youth development. “We have to rebuild. We are starting to think about 2026 (World Cup) definitely. We have to start with your young players and put programmes in place so that our young players can come through and come through well. When we start to play good football, the fans will come out,” he added. He indicated he would also be focusing on other committees, particularly marketing and advertising, which were given just $21,000 in the current budget for the next fiscal year, to help boost the national setup. Wallace admitted it’s going to be a challenge but one he’s ready for.

“If I wasn’t ready I wouldn’t have gotten myself involved in this at all. It’s a hard task; the first thing starts with fact finding (and) we’re not sure what we’re going to meet in there. But we are up to the task. You can’t just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk,” he continued. Wallace also promised to look at partnerships to make the Home of Football economically viable,  also seeking advice from legal and business experts on the new direction of the TTFA.

Top Photo shows President William Wallace, second from right, stands proudly with his three elected Vice President’s, 1st Vice President Clynt Taylor (far left) , Second Vice President Susan Joseph Warrick and Third Vice President Sam Phillip at far right. Image:TTFA Media.