National football committee completes first symposium on restructuring of football in T&T

The TTFA’s National Football Committee’s first of four symposiums geared towards receiving recommendations for the restructuring football in Trinidad and Tobago took place on Saturday morning at the President’s Box of the Queen’s Park Oval.

Led by chairman, TTFA board member Selby Browne, the panel of moderators also included Deryck Murray, Elton Prescott SC,Keith Renaud and facilitator Anthony Watkins.

The topics for each segment during the six-hour symposium included:

Management structure for youth football – Community, Coaching schools and Academies, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools with topics including Venues, Player protection and promotion, pathway for players to national teams, sport and academic balance and media.

Pathway structure for national football – Clubs, Community leagues TTFA leagues, Zones, Inter-Leagues, Super League, Pro League, Fete match teams/Village olympics with topics including venues, player protection and promotion, pathway  for players to national teams, player responsibility salaries and stipends, international contacts, return on investments to owners and media.

Administration – Clubs and voting rights, Players Association, Coaches Association, Referees Association, Advertising and Promotion, Ticketing and distribution, Research, archives and museum, communications, social media and websites, media.

Browne in his opening remarks emphasised the urgent need for change in the way the business of Trinidad and Tobago football was conducted.

“We have brought this panel together to see about the various issues, governance and structure for Trinidad and Tobago football,” Browne said.

“I welcome and commend all for understanding the importance for having this initiative started now. We have been given a mandate from the entire Board of Directors of the TTFA to have this committee with the responsibility to review and restructure our football. I take this mandate very seriously. Our ambition is to move Trinidad and Tobago football to the number one spot in CONCACAF, a spot we held in the 1974 World Cup Qualifiers. We cannot expect to be doing the same things and expect different results. What we have now is a population that is hurting for that passion and love for football and how the business of football has been conducted.

“We want to be the change agent. Things must change for the better and I have taken this initiative to embrace that responsibility for the recommendations and suggestion for the business of football in Trinidad and Tobago to be restructured,” Browne said.

Browne concluded that the recommendations made during the symposium will be compiled into a report for further review and implementation. The National Football Committee will host three further symposiums in the southern and eastern counties district as well as Tobago at dates to be announced.

Among those in attendance was former Member of Parliament and past footballer and League Administrator, Eddie Hart, Trinidad and Tobago National Coach, Dennis Lawrence, TTFA Vice President Ewing Davis and General Secretary Camara David, TTFA Zone Presidents Anthony Moore, Anthony Harford, Bandele Kamau, Shymdeo Gosine, and Secretary Alex Procope, San Juan Jabloteh chairman Jerry Hospedales, Tim Lambkin former coach and  footballer of the first TT National team of August 1962, former national footballers Nevick Denoon, Neil Caesar, along with Dr Alvin Henderson, Norris Ferguson, and representatives from the various zonal associations, leagues and coaching academies.