New T-League to start in Late August

A total of 24 teams have been confirmed to participate in the T-League, which is a merger of the Pro League and the TT Super League.The T-League, which brings all clubs under one umbrella, is expected to kick-off in late August to early September and will come as a relief to many locally-based footballers who have been out of match-form since both leagues ended in December last year.

“The people who have been entrusted have been working overtime. The chairman of the commission, Mr Lindsay Gillette, really pushed that this come to fruition. There is a lot of infighting in football but this is something which all the clubs agreed with – which is something ain’t happen in a long while. The same characters that you hear (disagreeing) – the Keith Look Loys, the David John Williams – everybody worked together, and it shows that within all that’s happening people want to see the betterment of the sport,” said Brent Sancho who worked with the Commission of the new League.

The top tier (T1) will feature the ten Pro League clubs – W Connection, Terminix La Horquetta Rangers, Police, North East Stars, Central FC, Point Fortin Civic, Club Sando, Defence Force, Morvant Caledonia United and San Juan Jabloteh.Tier two (T2) will involve 14 clubs from the Super League – FC Santa Rosa, Queen’s Park, Prisons FC, Cunupia FC, Guaya United, Police, Matura Reunited, UTT, RSSR, San Fernando Giants, Petit Valley/Diego Martin United, Bethel United, Club Sando and Erin FC.In 2019 and 2020, one team will be promoted from Tier 2 to Tier 1, which will result in a 12-team T1 by 2021. “Meantime, normal promotion and relegation between T2 and the rest of local club football will continue in 2019,” the media release noted.

According to a tripartite memorandum of agreement (for the period of three years), between the TTFA (TT Football Association), Pro League and TT Super League, the T-League will have a league commission comprising no more than seven members – two apiece from the Pro League and Super League, two independent representatives and a TTFA representative.The competition will be organised and managed by the TTFA in conjunction with the league commission, while the TTFA will provide funding for the competition for the duration of the memorandum of agreement in an amount agreed upon and approved by the TTFA.The Pro League clubs have agreed to pledge their Government subvention monies towards the budget for the next three seasons.

Chairman of the Commission Lindsay Gillette spoke more on the new League at a press conference on Tuesday. See videos below for his statements