Concacaf commits to helping TTFA improve Club Licensing system

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association has began taking steps towards ensuring that its clubs fulfills the requirements of club licensing compliance as stipulated by CONCACAF and the confederation has committed to working with the local governing body in its efforts on this.

On Wednesday, several clubs from the TT Pro League and Super League participated in a one-day workshop led by Christian Tonelli – CONCACAF Professional Football Development Supervisor and Jonathan Martinez, head of Professional football development, club licensing and League development at Concacaf .

Understanding that collaborative efforts of the FA, the league bodies and club football stakeholders are required to ensure Trinidad and Tobago is able to not only improve its club licensing system but also have representation at future CONCACAF club competitions following the 2019 leg of Concacaf Champions League and Concacaf League competitions, the FA is in the process of finalising its club licensing department and educating its members. Concacaf has recognised the efforts of the TTFA and the confederation’s Director of Development Jason Roberts expressed satisfaction with this.

“I think it is a very important initiative and we are very happy and proud to be able to work with our member associations in this case Trinidad and Tobago to ensure that we are giving them as much resources and as much information to be able to professionalise the game,” Roberts told TTFA Media on Thursday.

Jason Roberts at left with TTFA board member Richard Quan Chan.

“I think this is the base of our football development. We aim to professionalise and give the opportunity to professionalise as much and as many leagues as possible and this is very clearly part of our president Victor Montagliani’s One Concacaf vision. We are very excited to collaborate with the TTFA in regards to getting a new club licensing system off the ground and in good working order,” he added.

“I know that Christian Tonelli and Jonathan Martinez were very impressed by the level of knowledge and the interaction by everybody involved in the workshop and they were able to give a very good overview of some of the factors including sporting personnel, financial, legal, infrastructure and Comet as well.

The topics dealt with on Wednesday included an overview of club licensing, a review of club licensing regulations, communication deadlines, documentation review and the decision making process.

Administrative, logistical and other advanced functionalities such as club licensing, inventory and accreditation are also being delivered. The new solution will revolutionize the way Concacaf and the TTFA manages competitions as it is crucial to improve the processes of multiple areas including development, refereeing and disciplinary.

“We believe that these workshops and collaborating with leagues and member associations is going to help to professionalise the environment to raise professional standards and to professionals clubs and leagues. We are hopeful that with our continued support and collaboration we can educate more people in Trinidad and Tobago through the TTFA and ensure that more individuals are given the opportunities to help to professionalise our environment,” said Roberts.

A new process on which clubs were educated was a football management system called COMET (Competition Management Expert System). CONCACAF is now automating its competitions management system in an effort to improve, centralize and streamline the process for all its tournaments. The online platform is providing Member Associations with the ability to manage critical information related to their respective participating teams in all CONCACAF competitions as well as domestic leagues The system covers all aspects of competitions including fixture generation, player and team registration, referee allocation and management, disciplinary matters, matchday operations and reports, and various statistics in all areas.