FIFA/ CONCACAF meets with TTFA Board of directors

A deputation from FIFA and CONCACAF met with the Board of Directors of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) to discuss providing assistance and support to the TTFA to meet financial challenges.

The only financial proposal from the TTFA Board of Directors was presented by Director Selby Browne, to have the TTFA financial hurdle addressed in the following three major areas:

1. To seek funding for the debt of inherited from previous TTFA administrations, despite the fact that individuals were not held personally liable for that debt.
2. To have the “Home for Football” asset that now exist, capitalized to facilitate the TTFA short, medium and long term plans.
3. To utilize the FIFA Forward program to fund the operating expenses of the TTFA on an ongoing basis.

The FIFA and CONCACAF deputation was invited to consider this proposal and provide their options to the TTFA in the coming weeks.