C License Course begins for Tobago coaches

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association Coach Education programme shifted to the sister isle on the weekend as the TTFA C License commenced for coaches in Tobago.

TTFA Technical director Anton Corneal is overseeing the course which will run over eight weeks and he was accompanied by Senior Men’s Team head coach Dennis Lawrence for the opening weekend. The course is being staged in collaboration with the Tobago Sports Department and the Tobago Football Association. Sessions took place at the Tobago Division of Sport and Youth Affairs conference room at Shaw Park, Signal Hill grounds and Jubilee Recreation Ground.

Among the areas being covered include the principles of coaching; the role of the coach; the teaching-learning process; communication; ethics; coaches being able to assess their players’ developmental; coaches being able to plan and implement an effective training session with specific objectives; and to develop a progressive programme of appropriate duration.

Anton Corneal and Dennis Lawrence address some of the participants and kids during an outfield session in Tobago on the weekend.

“It was an encouraging turn out and a good way to start the course for coaches in Tobago. There are individuals here who are eager to learn more about coaching and we will work to improve their understanding of the game and what it takes to be a coach starting with the C License course,” Corneal told TTFA Media.

“There are past national players as well as persons who have been working in football in Tobago and making a contribution and we are quite pleased to see they are willing to develop themselves and we are happy to contribute towards their development,” he added.

Participant, Makan Hislop, a former T&T senior and youth team player as well as past Beach Soccer player was among the participants.

“I think that this workshop is a vital and much needed offering that will most definitely improve the coaching stock in Tobago,” Hislop told TTFA Media.

Makan Hislop in action in a World Cup qualifier against the US in 2009.

“ What stood out for me is the mindset of the Technical Director and head coach (Lawrence) that was imparted on everyone as well as the technical expertise that was shared. I think everyone is now learning a different approach to conducting training sessions, I can see how this can transition onto coaches developing young players in a much better way,” Hislop said.

“For a long time in Tobago many coaches who are predominantly ex-players have had challenges making that mental shift into being someone now having to develop players. This course is really helping  in changing that approach. I really appreciated Mr Corneal and Dennis Lawrence sharing information with us on the technical and tactical approaches in structuring our sessions and what to look for … how to go about having an organised and structured session. I think this was a fantastic initiative and I do hope the relevant authorities continue to have programmes like these on a consistent basis,” Hislop said.

Other areas of focus will be – coaches being able to understand the main moments of football and relate it to team task and function; coaches being able to identify and develop personal and professional behaviours in themselves and players and coaches being able to identify the basic elements that make up football among other areas. The final assessment for this current course will take place in May.