Hartwell: Home of Football can be a game changer

During a recent tour of the TTFA Home of Football by officials of the Office of the President and Ministry of Sports, there were rave reviews provided on the design, features and overall quality of the facilities at the Couva location.

Technical Director for cycling at the Sports Company, American Erin Hartwell was offered high commendation based on his observations of the Athletes Accommodation hotel. Hartwell won the silver medal in the Men’s track time trial in the 1996 Summer Olympics and a bronze medal in the Men’s track time trial in 1992 Summer Olympics.

“I had my first walk through at the new Home of Football and I have to say I was incredibly impressed,” Hartwell told TTFA Media.

“I haven’t seen anything like this in the sports world that caters exclusively to athletes particularly so close in proximity to other world class facilities. I believe it has the ability to be a massive game changer for  how we manage sporting Trinidad and Tobago and I have few facilities having as big an impact as the upcoming home of Football.

“I am really excited to see it in action and I know it can benefit cycling down the road especially as we look to bring other world class athletes and programmes to the national cycling centre. I am really excited with what I saw today and encouraged for sport in Trinidad and Tobago and looking forward to utilising this future world class facility,” Hartwell continued.