Queiroz credits T&T team for competitive affair

Iran head coach Carlos Queiroz allowed TTFA Media a rare interview opportunity in the Iran Team’s dressing room following Thursday’s International Friendly at the Azadi Stadium which the hosts came out 1-0 winners in a beneficial exercise for both teams. And if you don’t think it was, the former Portugal head coach and Manchester United assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson, believed it was in fact a good outing for both teams.

“Today unfortunately the pitch was not so good for both teams as it has been raining a lot in Iran but I think at the end of the day there were a lot of benefits for both sides. Since 2014 we have not met each other,” Queiroz told TTFA Media.  “A lot of things changed, some players still in the (T&T) team, and two or three players still in my team but with the same quality, same attitude and it was great to have this opportunity to play against Trinidad and Tobago,” Queiroz said.

Asked for his impressions on the performance of T&T, he said, “It was good. I was impressed with the ability of the team to fight, to play and to counter attack. I am sure also in other conditions, different pitch the team would be much better. It was unfortunate state of the grass it was not possible for the skillful players of Iran and especially the skillful players of Trinidad and Tobago to express themselves.

I played this team four years ago and I have seen a lot of progress with this team, the team is much more compact, more aggressive and much better organised and young, fresh blood also in the team. I think you guys have a good future ahead of you.

“I want to show my gratitude for this opportunity to work together with Trinidad and Tobago. It is always a  fantastic   opportunity for our players because we play against players with good technique, speed, great attitude in the game and physical power and it’s always an opportunity for us to learn and progress,” he added.
Dennis Lawrence (left) and Carlos Queiroz greet each other before the match. Photo/TTFA Media.

His opposite number, T&T head coach Dennis Lawrence also felt the exercise was well worth the long journey.

“It was a very good, competitive game. Exactly the type of game that we expected. As I said before, Iran are a very experience team and I think tonight both teams benefitted from the exercise. I was pleased with the effort of my boys but as I said, well done to Iran on the victory tonight,” Lawrence said.

“You can see the Irani team is well coached. They all knew what they were doing but we came prepared for  the game so it was not going to be easy for them. I felt in the first half we allowed Iran to have too much possession of the football and we tried to correct it in the second half which I thought  we did. There was;t many chances for us but we got a few. All in all the Irani team is well organised and they all know what they are doing,” he added. “Thank you to the Irani people and the Football Association.”

The T&T team departed the Stadium for the Tehran airport shortly after the game with the overseas players heading back to their respective destination and the T&T-based contingent off to Port of Spain via Dubai and New York.