Football for a Cause

Dennis and Friends come together for football match in aid of flood victims

“Football for a Cause”

In a concerted effort to provide support and assistance to citizens who have suffered in parts of Trinidad and Tobago due to the disastrous flooding over the past couple days, a group of former National footballers and sporting enthusiasts have joined together to host a fundraiser for flood victims.

“Dennis Lawrence and Friends” led by current National Senior Team head coach and player whose goal took T&T to the Germany 2006 World Cup Finals, will be staging a charity football match on Friday 26th, October at a venue to be announced.

Right now the event is in its planning stages and any interested parties are welcomed to join.

“We’ve decided to come together for the cause because it’s hit home and touched a lot of us. It is unimaginable to see our own people having to go through this kind of experience that they’ve had to over the past two days. People are stranded, they are suffering and they need us now, We will use the power of sport and football to make our contribution,” Lawrence said.

“What we’ve done is gotten a group of former national players from the Strike squad come right up, including a few of my teammates from the 2006 squad to come together to put on the game and we have a few local personalities and celebrities who have come on board as well. And whoever else is interested in being part of this drive and can offer assistance, you are all welcomed at this time,” said the former Defence Force man.

“You don’t need to be a footballer, contributions of any kind will be accepted because it’s all going to the victims.”

All Proceeds from the event will go towards flood victims. Further details on the event will be forthcoming over the next couple days. Interested persons can contact 720 4188, 352 0729 or 681 5429.