Corneal maintains hope ahead of CONCACAF Caribbean Final Round

Trinidad and Tobago Senior Women’s Team caretaker coach Anton Corneal spoke to the Press on Monday as he looked ahead to the this country’s upcoming campaign at the CONCACAF Caribbean Women’s final round of World Cup qualifying in Kingston Jamaica from August 25th-September 2nd.

T&T faces Cuba on Saturday at the National Stadium and Corneal relayed that his final squad will be disclosed in a couple days as he attempts to find replacements for the injured Mariah Shade and Rhea Belgrave. He added that Kennya Cordner will join the team in time for it’s second game in Kingston.

Team captain Tasha St Louis plays a ball during training on Monday at the Ato Boldon Stadium/TTFA.

“Of course it is one of hope. We are going to play in a tournament. We still have a couple experienced players in the team and we have some younger players who will be pushing now to prove themselves. We have to remember that Trinidad and Tobago is still one of the more accomplished teams in the Caribbean and we have to go prove ourselves. It is a tournament where three teams will advance out of five. We are hoping that we can advance first, what position on the table we advance that is up to the tournament. But once we can get through in those three teams it gives us a chance to regroup,” Corneal stated.

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