Lawrence supplies football gear – I want to create better human beings

National senior men’s head coach Dennis Lawrence, is challenging the football team at his alma mater Barataria North Secondary School, to stay focused and disciplined both on and off the field and more gifts will come their way.

The team at Barataria North Secondary received an extra boost towards their training as Lawrence donated footballs to his former school earlier this month. Lawrence, who was part of the T&T senior football team that competed at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, attended the school when it was called Barataria Junior Secondary School.

Among those present to accept the gift from Lawrence were captain Dimitri Gidaree, midfielder Jahquille Phillip, defender Keian Joseph, coach and PE teacher Johan Redhead, acting principal Colette Somarsingh-Phillip and TT Football Association media consultant Wayne Cunningham, another past student of the school. Barataria North will compete in the East Zone senior grade division next season.

Lawrence said the determination being showed by the team encouraged him to help his former school.

“One of the things that stood out to me was the drive by the vice-principal and the ambition of some of the players and the head coach,” Lawrence said.

“We are in a situation now where I want to support in all aspects. I want to create national players for our country and I want to create better human beings and better young adults. These boys have ambition to represent TT at some level, most of them at senior level. I think it is important that myself as an ex student of the school (to help), not just this school but schools across TT – we have to support them.”

Lawrence said he will give more to the school if they conduct themselves properly. “We spoke about discipline, communication and attending classes and we all agreed that we are going to do a contractual agreement.

If these students apply themselves correctly in terms of coming to school on time, coming to school attired properly, attending classes etcetera, I will continue to support them,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence explained he will give more footballs throughout the season if the players show dedication by attending training with a full complement of players.

Somarsingh-Phillip was thankful for the gesture by Lawrence saying, “Our school appreciates this generous gift that you Mr Dennis Lawrence have made towards our boys football team today. We are aware Mr Lawrence, that this gift is really a display of your support towards your alma mater and also a showing of your desire to motivate and uplift our boys football team.”