Nepfer sees benefits of National Training Centre and Home of Football

FIFA head of technical development services Jurg Nepfer sees the establishment of a national training centre as significantly beneficial towards the development of local football in the future.

Nepfer was speaking while in Port of Spain on Tuesday for the ongoing FIFA Technical Directors Course for member associations at the Hilton, Trinidad and Hasely Crawford Stadium.

“ Each federation should have a national technical centre in place. It’s like the home of local football where they can have all their activities, they can have training camps, grassroots activities, youth football, coach education,” Nepfer said.

“I think it is important that each federation should have an identification not only a home of football,a headquarters of a federation but also a national technical centre which also speaks for the image of an association, Of course it gives a lot of opportunity to a federation to do a lot of the activities at the same place. Of course we are supporting very much that each federation has technical centre and we have our programmes in place to assist the federations financially in order to construct such a centre,” said Nepfer.

Also speaking this week at the start of the course was CONCACAF Director of Development Jason Roberts who lauded the collaboration efforts of FIFA and CONCACAF.

“I think the ongoing work that is being done by our technical directors and the subsequent support you are receiving from FIFA is hugely important. We all know as people operating at this level of football that the plans and technical information being passed down is hugely important. I think this programme working with local people from the Confederation in association with the Confederation and working with people like Anton Corneal, Lenny Lake and Rodrigo Kenton, people who know this region is a big focus for us and a big advantage for us,” Roberts added.

The former Grenada international said he was encouraged by the Confederation being able to utilise experts from the region alongside those of FIFA.

Among the topics will be the roles and responsibilities of a technical director, Report of Training analysis, reporting of match training analysis and coach education  analysis among other items There are practical and theoretical sessions foreseen. Importance will be given to the practical sessions on days 1 to 3, which are:The organization of a youth match;
 The visit of the training of one of these two teams;
 A session on coaching education as part of your coaching education system.

Photo caption: Jurg Nepfer speaking at the opening of the FIFA TD Course at Hilton, Trinidad on Monday.