Update on TTFA Home of Football Project

As a matter of public interest here is an update on the TTFA Home of Football project.

In August 2017 the Government of Trinidad and Tobago approved a long awaited request, when it granted 7.64 hectors of land to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association in order to establish a home for football.

The land is separated into three main parcels, one located in close proximity to the National Cycling Center and two west of the Ato Boldon Stadium.The association quickly mobilized in order to make this distant dream a reality and got approval from FIFA for the ‘go ahead’ in September with the official Sod Turning ceremony being held on September 29.

After countless brain storming and planning sessions the plans for various aspects of the project were approved and sent to Town and Country Planning for final approval on the building projects which finally came in February 2018.

One of the new training pitches at right next to the existing training pitch at the Ato Boldon Stadium, TTFA Home of Football.Photo/TTFA

At the time of this update, two new training fields are 90% completed and the foundation has been laid for the Athletes Accommodation facility. The “Income Generation Project” (which include, small goal pitches, the Beach Football pitch as well as the bar and recreational area) 50% completed.

With offices for the TTFA, TT Pro League, TT Super League, SSFL, WoLF and Referees’ Department already relocated or established at the Ato Boldon Stadium, The Home of Football is now a reality.

Site for the Beach Soccer Pitch, Recreation and Entertainment Centre, Restaurant and Additional training pitch. Photo at top of page shows the site for the Player Accommodation Hotel.