Professional Football to survive in Trinidad and Tobago

“Professional football in Trinidad and Tobago will continue!” This is the united view of club owners and Board members of the TT Pro League.

At a meeting on Wednesday at the Ato Boldon Stadium the Board extended its sincerest appreciation to outgoing Chairman Joseph Sam Phillip and long standing CEO Dexter Skeene.

However despite the duo’s departure the Pro League Board remains committed to the survival of Professional Football.

League Secretary Julia Baptiste who has been an integral part of the operations of the League for the last 19 years, has been asked by the Board to serve as Interim CEO *as plans continue to launch the 2018/19 season.

“As the Board looks forward to the upcoming season and beyond, restructuring and rebranding form key elements of both their short and long term plans.

” We want to get the football back on the field but its not just about starting the league, we are reevaluating our entire financial and business model, says Darryl Mahabir of North East Stars.

“As Owners we took the risk of investing in our nation’s youth and pioneering football as a stakeholder in the sporting industry.

“Collectively over the last 14 years Owners have invested over 50 million dollars into the national economy . Now despite the economic pinch we still are looking for ways to move forward, added Mahabir.

Central FC’s CEO Brent Sancho feels that there has been a huge nexus between the Pro League’s existence and the national and club teams success regionally.

” T&T has qualified for four of five Concacaf final six ( HEX) stage of World Cup Qualifying competitions since the Pro League was formed in 1999.

” Over the last few years our clubs have represented the Caribbean in all but one Concacaf Champions League tournaments.

” And the one time we did not qualify for the Hex, since the advent of the Pro League, we were knocked out by a Pro League Coach, chuckled Sancho.

Referring to when Caledonia’s Jamaal Shabazz led Guyana to the semi final round of World Cup Qualifiers with a 2-1 win over T& T in 2011 in Georgetown.

The League will meet with several current and prospective partners within the upcoming weeks including a television broadcasting station. (Issued by Pro League Media)