McClair impressed by talent at Atlantic skills camp

Former Manchester United player Brian McClair was impressed with the skills of the youngsters who participated in the Atlantic Football and Life Skills Development Camp at the Queen’s Royal College Ground in St Clair, on the weekend.

McClair, who played for Manchester United from 1987 to 1998, was involved in a three-day local camp run by the Manchester United Football Youth Academy.

The camp comprised a Football and Life Skills Development Camp, while Primary school football coaches also participated in the Atlantic Coaching Excellence (ACE) programme, the Newsday stated.

McClair said both the coaches and children enjoyed the camp. “The coaches enthusiasm and their joy has been infectious. There is nothing better than working with kids, and certainly kids who want to be here,” McClair said.

“It has been an amazing programme for them, both on the football field, and life skills have been presented to them throughout these couple days.”

The former Manchester United player said the standard of the camp was high, and with some development, some of the youngsters could play at a professional level.

“We have seen some great potential both in the girls and the boys. A lot of cracking little characters and personalities, and if they get the right advice as they go along their pathway, some of these (children) could make a living in football.”

McClair said the youngsters were taught important life skills such as hard work, while they learnt about drug testing in sports. McClair said TT judo Olympian Christopher George and the TT beach volleyballers helped pass on the message of educating yourself.

“One of the huge messages that is prevalent around the world and it is very important here, is the importance of education. He (George) was very keen to point out although he is an Olympian – and he may be an Olympian again – he is qualified. And these tiny messages even if it just affects one kid (is important). Also, yesterday (Saturday) there was a good chat with the beach volleyballers.”