Latchoo grateful for local support

Trinidad and Tobago-born coach Rajesh Latchoo has made a call for coaches in this country to keep their country’s interest at heart but use ways and means of developing their trade even if it means having to take up opportunities outside of the country.

Latchoo is current the head coach of the Dominica men’s national team and is charged with leading the country’s football development after taking up the position eight months ago. He worked in Trinidad for a few years well, as a coaching instructor with the TTFA as well as Women’s National under 15 head coach, senior women’s assistant coach, head coach for Caledonia AIA, serving also at Barrackpore United as Technical Director.

He believes that T&T has coaches with the necessary experience and expertise to work at the helm in other countries in the region.

“We have coaches who are here and very capable of leading in other countries. I took a decision to leave Trinidad and gain the experience outside because I think I can make a valuable contribution in Dominica and I am developing more every day,” he said.

“God has placed me in a good environment with good people. I feel at home in Dominica as my staff and the Dominica FA has given me the necessary support.

“As I look back I am grateful for the opportunity to observe and work with some of the best coaches and football personalities in Trinidad with people such as Anton Corneal, Jamaal Shabazz, Muhammad Isa, Marlon Charles, Keith Look Loy, Sam Phillip, Ricarda Nelson, Jerry Moe, Derick King, Ralph Nelson, Mike McCommie,  Keith Jeffrey, Joseph Romero and Lincoln Phillips. These are just some of the people that God has blessed me with the opportunity to work with and help bring me to what I am today,” Latchoo said.