TTFA holds FIFA 11+ workshop

Twenty minutes at the start of practice could be the difference in having a full, healthy roster or a depleted roster with various ailments.

FIFA 11+, a Players First resource helping to advance the Player Health & Safety pillar, consists of 15 exercises of running, strength, plyometrics and balance. It has been proven to reduce injuries in  players by 35-45 percent and reduce the severity of injuries by 20-30 percent.

And the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, through Dr Terence Babwah, a past member of the FIFA Medical Committee, is looking to educate local sport doctors, physical trainers and sports physiotherapists on the FIFA 11+ programme. A workshop will be  held at Salybia Resort on July 9th during which Babwah will lecture on the role of the FIFA 11 + football programme and prevention of injuries with demonstrations. (participants have already been selected)

As one of the critical components of the Player Health & Safety pillar of Players First, FIFA 11+ provides tools and resources for improving performance and reducing injury risk.

This FIFA 11+ demonstration is the latest example of the TTFA’s commitment to Player Health & Safety.

An image of the early part of a T&T senior team warm up.

It is a 20-minute comprehensive warm-up program designed to reduce injuries among  players ages 14 and older. FIFA 11+ is used on the field without any additional equipment and consists of 15 exercises divided into three separate components:

The prevention programme “The 11” was developed by FIFA’s medical research centre (F-MARC) in cooperation with a group of international experts. “The 11” is a simple, catchy and time-efficient preventive programme that comprises ten evidence-based or best-practice exercises and the promotion of Fair Play. It requires no equipment other than a ball, and can be completed in 20 minutes (after a short period of familiarisation). The exercises focus on core stabilisation, eccentric training of thigh muscles, proprioceptive training, dynamic stabilisation and plyometrics with straight leg alignment. The programme is efficient as most of the exercises simultaneously train different aspects and can replace other exercises.

“The 11” should be performed in every training session after a warm-up and stretching of all the important muscle groups. Precise performance of the exercises is important in order to ensure their effect. The sequence of exercises should be followed. Before each match, a shortened version (only exercises 4, 5, 8) of “The 11” should be carried out.

The benefits of the programme include improved performance and also injury prevention. In addition, when respecting Fair Play, you can further reduce the risk of injury to yourself and other players.