Rugby’s John sees benefits in grassroots workshop

Kwanieze John, a member of the Rugby fraternity, was a participant at the recent Trinidad and Tobago Football Association grassroots workshop for officials and coaches at the Ato Boldon Stadium.

John, also a women’s national rugby player said her interest in the workshop allowed to realise what benefits could be used in other sports such as rugby.

“I think the workshop was a step in the right direction considering what has been happening in local sport where we have been pushing towards more longterm athlete development, doing age appropriate work with the athletes,” John said.

“I recently attended a developmental course hosted by the TTOC where they spoke about plans for developing long term athlete development programmes such as these for ten sporting disciplines but football is a little more advanced in that they have already started implementing these kind of programmes.

“One of the things I found interesting from the grassroots workshop was the emphasis on coaching kids to play and enjoy the sport as opposed to coaching players or in my case rugby players because there is a difference. I think this is a concept that can be adopted by rugby and all sports as a matter of fact,” John added.