Morace plans for ‘March Madness’

National Women’s coach Carolina Morace believes that her players are on the right path to being prepared for taking on the rigours and demands of international women’s football.

Morace is currently overseeing a staff that is preparing the senior, under 20 and under 17 Women’s teams for international games and respective Word Cup qualification. Her first test at the international level with T&T comes when the senior team faces Venezuela in two friendlies at the Ato Boldon Stadium on March 26th and 29th. The period is being dubbed “March Madness” as the Senior Men’s Team also engage in two crucial World Cup qualifiers against Panama on March 24th and Mexico on March 28th.

“At the moment we are dealing a lot with the physical aspect of the players as I believe it is a very important component for being able to play the game,”Morace said.

Carolina Morace with her players at training on Wednesday at Hasely Crawford training pitch.

“So far the players are responding well. They are demonstrating a good attitude and willingness to develop and to train hard. These two games comes at a good time for us because the players I am sure are eager to play in an international match and we also get to assess their state of play at this point in time.

“Of course it doesn’t all come together in one month or two months and this is why we have programmes for the various teams over a period of time,” Morace said.

“We have the Venezuela games and they come from South America where there is a strong passion and a lot of football. We are not quite there yet in terms of our strength but we will get there with the right amount of work.”
She has also held meetings with local women coaches and have invited them to attend and observe national team training sessions.

“We are also here to help the coaches and to develop the programme and we see it as important to have local coaches involved and to put things in place for their development also.”