Statement from Jan Michael Williams

The following is a statement from National Team Goalkeeper Jan Michael Williams in reference to an article published on Friday February 17th, 2017 in which the Central FC custodian was quoted as saying he was disappointed by the lack of acknowledgement from Minister of Sport, The Honourable Darryl Smith, to the club on its achievements, describing it as a lack of respect.

“Let me first say that I am not one to play politics with the game that I love nor do I have interest in either attacking the Ministry of Sport or the Sport Minister. My name has been used a lot in the past by others to get their various points across. Contrary to what was previously reported,my main focus after the game was to get mentally prepared for the final which would be tough regardless of the opposition. My statements obviously were incorrectly interpreted.

“Moving forward my main focus is winning the Pro Bowl then preparing for World Cup qualifiers in March. I also hope to do my best so that my name is seen in the media in the future for sporting achievements only.”  – Jan Michael Williams