Football family mourns Abiela’s passing

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association today expresses deepest condolences to the family of Abiela Adams who was found murdered in Courland, Tobago.

Abiela was member of the National Under 15 Women’s team and was a bright prospect for the National Women’s your team programme.

She was first selected to the National Under 15 Team last year and journeyed to the CONCACAF Under 15 Women’s Championship at Disney, Orlando where she represented this country’s national team in its matches at that tournament.

TTFA President David John-Williams has expressed condolences to the family of Abiela.

“We are deeply saddened by the news of young Abiela’s passing. Our deepest sympathies goes out to her family and we pray that God will grant her family and her closed ones the much needed comfort and peace during this time,” John-Williams stated

“The TTFA will make every effort to support the family in this difficult time. Her death comes at a time when women’s football in our country is heading in the right direction. We are all shocked at losing a bright prospect like her,” the TTFA President added.

Abiela Adams
Abiela Adams

The T&T Under 15 head coach at the time of the CONCACAF championship, Marlon Charles, expressed dismay and shock on hearing the news of her death.

“When you hear news like this it reflects on home because as someone you have coached, these players become part of you. You think about it as a father, as a parent, as a coach, you reflect on how she would have encountered everything she had to go through. This is really a traumatic situation that has hit us really hard in the football fraternity,” Charles told TTFA Media.

“She had great potential to go on to play for other national teams and would have been part of the upcoming screening for the national under 17 women’s team. She journeyed over from Tobago for the Under 15 screening last year and made the final selection and turned out to be one our better players and I am certain she would have been back for the Under 17s. These are dreams a young lady surely would have had and it has been taken away,”he added.

Under 15 national team manager Ricarda Nelson said the players from that team have been left devastated by the news.

“It’s heartbreaking. You still cannot underhand how the mother or family feels right now. What could a young girl like Abiela do to deserve what happened to her. We really need to deal with what is happening in our society today,” Nelson said.

“All my players right now are in tears, crying because they were all close. I could hear the screams while on the phone with some of the parents this morning. I am a mother and you have to ask how do you deal with something like this. Her mother was always there at training last year. We even thought that her mother didn’t have a job because she was always there to assist with the team and her daughter, traveling back and forth between Trinidad and Tobago” Nelson said.