Women coaches assess players at National Tryouts

Director of Women’s Football Carolina Morace and her staff saw over 50 players in their first tryout session for Senior and Under 20 Women players at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium Training Pitch on Sunday morning.

Currently there is already a Senior Team and Under 20 Player pool in existence but Morace and her assistants are hoping to expand the list of players for training and commenced the hunt for new talent with Sunday’s session.

The former Italian and Canadian Women head coach said she saw potential from the group but pointed out there was need for more work on the fitness level of the players.

“Many players showed up which is good because it shows there is a lot of interest in women’s football and wanting to represent the country,” Morace told TTFA Media .

“The players have to work on their fitness level. If you want as a player to show your ability then you need to be fit. The technique alone is not enough. We have to also work with the local coaches in order to improve these things. Sometimes it is just a little suggestion that makes a huge difference,”she said.

Players looking to earn national team selection go through the paces on Sunday.

“The message that we want to send is the national team is open to everybody. But to reach the national team you have to have something more than a normal player. It’s about sacrifice and understand what is needed. There is a lot of potential here and we have to be able keep the potential and improve on it,” Morace added.

Assistant Coach, English-born Nicola Williams who is the head coach of the Women’s Under 20 team was also impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the players in her group.

“It was really positive and a good start for us. There were over 50 players that came out today from all over Trinidad and Tobago and some from overseas. To add that to the current pool means that we have a good group of under 20s for the next selection.

“There were promising signs today. We did some technical and tactical work in today’s session. What we were looking for apart from their natural ability,their style and how they play, is their understanding of what we ask for as coaches. They have to follow set instructions and be able to work with their teammates. Vision, their understanding and being able to be coached is very important,” Williams said.

Morace oversaw a one-week training camp with current National senior Team women players which concluded on Saturday and will continue with  further sessions in the coming weeks.

Morace 1
Carolina Morace leans on a goalpost as she observes this morning’s session/TTFA Media