Morace talks about opening day of training camp

Senior Women’s Team Head Coach Carolina Morace commenced a training camp with the Senior Team at the Ato Boldon Stadium on Monday.

It’s clear that Morace mixes no matters when it comes to serious preparations of a team. Her demeanour and her history in the game spells a no-nonsense attitude and approach to it all.

But the Italian-born has emphasised that her first couple of weeks on the job with the T&T players will be short of intense as she tries to get a feel for the women’s game locally along with members of her staff.

“The focus is the physical tests for the players. We looked at their explosive and elastic strength and the physical trainer has already said he is impressed with some of the players. It is more than technical and tactically at this early time,” Morace said.

“To judge the player, the have to have a good condition or in others words be fit. There is no distinction between a basketball player or a football player. We want to understand more about the players now and it is a lot about the nutrition, diet and the way the players rest as well,” she added.

Morace spoke about her opening day.

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