FC Santa Rosa hosts 2016 Awards Ceremony

Sports and Games FC Santa Rosa, the front runners in the 2016 TTFA Blink|BMobile National Super League Premiership, held its 2016 Awards ceremony on Saturday morning at the Arima North Secondary School hall.

According to a club report, the event was well attended, as usual, with hundreds of children, parents and supporters present.

Cathy Ann Look Loy, club secretary in her annual report, highlighted the activity and achievements by the club for 2016. Cheryl Wilkinson, adviser to the Minister of Education (and Arima MP Anthony Garcia) brought a greeting from the Minister.

Omar Hadeed, CEO of Sports and Games, Limited, the club’s title sponsor, thanked Santa Rosa for the opportunity to be associated with the club and committed his company to continued partnership with the Cannons.

Club President and founder Keith Look Loy spoke at length about the strategic objectives of the club which he listed as follows –

1. To ensure financial viability and sustainability, which has been hugely facilitated by the partnership with Sports and Games and other sponsors,

2 To enhance the relationship with the Arima community, which is an ongoing exercise, and includes contributions to the Arima Home for the Aged,

3. To improve the image of Arima via football.

Look Loy stated that in 2017, the club will celebrate its twenty fifth anniversary, which will be commemorated with a programme of activities. He expressed the club’s determination to improve on its solid performance in youth tournaments.

He also indicated that the club intends to pursue the development of a technical centre for the club’s training sessions and matches, but which would also include facilities to generate commercial revenue.

Youth members Jhayden Sealy (steel pan) and Tyrese Williams (soca parang) performed for the appreciative audience, which included two former Arima mayors, Elvin Edwards and Edward Metivier, stalwart Arima community worker Paul Guerra, and former TT Pro League secretary Norris Ferguson.

Certificates of participation in club training and competitions were handed out to members of the Rosa football school and youth teams.

Trophies were distributed in all age groups (Under-8, Under-10, Under-12, Under-14 and Under-16). At Big Cannon level, trophies were awarded to Rashad Griffith (Golden Boot), Jesse Reyes (Most Disciplined Player), Quilon Dick (Most Improved Player) and Durwin Arty Ross (Most Valuable Player).

The annual trophy for Student-Player of the Year was awarded to Shawn Gonzales (nine CXC passes), while Big Cannon Kitwana Manning was voted Outstanding Goalkeeper of the Year.

Santa Rosa looks to claim the Super League title tomorrow at home in the Marvin Lee Stadium from 5.00PM to close what has been an excellent 2016 for the club.