Forbes helps Paraguayan club to two Cup titles

National Senior Women’s team goalkeeper Kimika Forbes says she feels right at home with her new Paraguayan club Limpeno Sportive.

Forbes was hired by the club a couple weeks ago to play in the Copa Libertadores but she also played in their last five matches of season, helping them to two cup titles, the Al Campeon Clausura and Campeon Absoluto.

“I felt at home as I got there and I’m quite settled at the club. I am living my dream at the moment and I am happy and thankful for this opportunity,” Forbes said.

“Playing at a professional level in new environment is something you have to adapt to. The training isn’t any different to what I am used to. I continue to work hard and improve my game,” Forbes added.

“My immediate goal is to lift the Copa Libertadores cup with this team and secure a long term deal.”

On language barrier

“The language barrier is not a big deal to me. I knew some words here and there but I have learnt more Spanish. I know the basic words like  ‘step up,move right,left and ‘keeper’. The biggest part of my game is getting through to my defense and I have communicated really well so far.”