TTFA commences CONCACAF Goalkeeping Course

Trinidad and Tobago Football Association president David John-Williams declared the CONCACAF Level II goalkeeping course opened at the VIP lounge of the Hasely Crawford Stadium on Sunday morning.

CONCACAF goalkeeping instructor, former Costa Rican international Claine Plummer commenced proceedings for thirty six local participants which includes current national goalkeepers Jan Michael Williams and Marvin Phillip, former women’s national team goalkeeper Lisa Jo Ramkissoon, Clayton Ince, Ross Russell and Nigel Neverson among others from local Professional and semi-professional clubs and coaching schools. The course will run until Tuesday.

“We know right now in Trinidad and Tobago there is a shortage of goalkeepers for the future. Historically we have produced a number of goalkeepers for generations and I think it is important that the TTFA, this administration, addresses the problems we have with ‘keepers. I am happy to see some of the current ‘keepers being part of the course and thinking about life after football,” John-Williams stated.

“This is the first of many courses we will have. The next course will be scouting course to be conduced by UEFA which will be part of the youth development programme which will focus on how to scout players. That will be followed by another UEFA course which we will bring here. There are  exciting times ahead. There will be a lot of emphasis on coach education by this administration,” added John-Williams as he made reference to the success attained by Iceland which has over 600 qualified coaches with a population of just over 400,000.

So far this year the TTFA has conducted various courses and workshops ranging in topics such as Club Licensing, FIFA solidarity and training compensation, Elite Referees RAP course, C license coaching and a coaching instructors course conducted a few weeks ago.

Plummer said he was pleased to be part of the TTFA’s development initiatives.

“We are here because there is a growing interest, a concern, but also a love for the position of the game,” Plummer said.

“I want to thank the TTFA for inviting CONCACAF and myself here to share our knowledge.”

“The message that I bring here is one that hopefully we could use to touch a nerve in the lives of each of us here and to be open, to look at a different perspective in the way I have been taught and how I will share the message of CONCACAF of how to train, approach, identify and scout goalkeepers,” Plummer said.

“Goalkeeping is very complex and detailed oriented.It is a position that is very lonely, that has a lot of pressure and brings a lot of spotlight to you as a player and a lot of responsibility.”

The carefully constructed program will provide classroom and field instruction, offering a thorough examination of the technical, tactical and analytical aspects of goalkeeping.

Some of the course’s many elements include video analysis, methodology, training session models, positioning, communication, crosses, distribution and set plays.

Course Participants: Ravi Lutchman, Jason Sheppard, Brian James, Quincy Jones, Robert De Gale,Cullum Marshall,Lisa-Jo Ramkisson, Trevor Nottingham, Preston Julien Remy, Cleon Keston John,Anthony Creece, Joseph George,
Glennon Foncette,Jan Michael Williams, Curtis Darbasie, Bernard Burke, Kevin Graham, Darlon Dillon Prince
Adana Humes, Atiba Alves,David Wiltshire, Clayton Ince, Ross Russell, Aquelius Sylvester, Joshua Lamb, Donnie Jr. Stanley.Benyam Astorga,Anton Joseph, Sheldon Wheeler, Akel Baig, Justin De Freitas,
Steve Frederick, Michael Alfonso, Declan Squires and Nigel Neverson

Photo at top shows the course participants along with TTFA President David John-Williams, CONCACAF instructor Claine Plummer and TTFA Technical Director Muhammad Isa.