Super League introduces water-breaks at matches

The ¬†TTFA’s Blink|BMobile National Super League will be introducing water breaks at its matches in light of the current conditions throughout the country.

In a statement from League organisers All Sports Promotions representative Richard Piper, he explained: “In light of the recent decision to have game being played at venues without approved lighting systems to kick off at 3.30pm, the legitimate concern was raised about the safety of all our stakeholders due the sweltering heat in the early afternoon period which has forced us to institute the following WATER BREAK interval based on the Match Day Procedure which is identified below.

1) It must be agreed upon by ALL PARTIES involved in the game (Match Commissioner, Referees and Both Clubs) prior to kick off as being necessary,

2) There should be a break in either half of the game (after the 25th Minute – 1st half and 75th Minute – 2nd half) not to exceed two (2) minutes on each occasion and must be done during a stoppage in the game. The game is not to be stopped specifically to facilitate the Water Break.

3) On field Players are not allowed the leave the field of play during this stoppage.

4) Only Members of the Technical Staff of the Club are allowed to facilitate the re-hydration process of the on field players. Substitutes MUST remain on the bench and not be part of the process.

5) The Members of the Technical Staff involved in the process MUST remain in their respective Technical Areas.

6) The game shall be restarted by the Referee in accordance with the Laws of The Game.

Keeping in mind that the above is be observed only once agreed upon by all participants to be necessary.