Club Licensing Program off to strong start

Concacaf’s Senior Development manager Jonathan Martinez believes the Club Licensing seminar held at the Ato Boldon Stadium two weeks ago was a successful first step towards steering local club clubs in the right direction.

Martinez flew into Trinidad on invitation of the TTFA and spent valuable time with officials of local Pro League and Super League clubs.

“I thought the programme was very well received by the clubs, there was a lot of questions and lot of engagement. I think it was a good first step in implementing the TTFA club licensing regulations here. Like I expressed to the clubs and the TTFA, we are here to support the process a hundred percent of the way,” Martinez said.

He added: “Club licensing is one of the best development tools any clubs can use to further their administration and to assist with the growth of the club. This is just the foundation for the programme and we have already started talking about how we can build on additional criteria heading into next year.

There was even some clubs that submitting documentation even before the seminar and we even had some clubs stressing on the importance of this programme to to other clubs.”

Martinez said there will be a monitoring process to ensure the clubs keep on the right path.

“Concacaf will monitor the progress via spot checks and I have a very good relation with the club licensing manager Michelle LynchThere will be a team approach towards the monitoring, implementing and helping develop the club licensing programme.”