WI Sports Real Dimension, Trincity Nationals capture Wolf titles

” Champions!,Champions!” was the chant of WI Sports Real Dimension and Trincity Nationals as they copped the Women’s Super League and First Division First place in the National Women’s Football League Competition, TT WoLF.

On Saturday, the top 4 teams in the Super League Division had to win to either improve their chances of clinching the top prize or preventing Real Dimension from winning or a draw, but WI Sports Real Dimension had every plan to seal their victory on Match Day 12. Petrotrin costantly harassed the Real D Defence with the dynamic triple threat of Dernelle Mascall, Mariah Shade and Kayla Taylor, but former national goalkeeper, Lisa Jo Ramkissoon showed why experience was important, tipping shots over bars, cleaning up through balls and even had her crossbars help her out, as a couple shots hit the crossbar with the ball deflecting straight into her hands. In the end, the one goal from another former National player, Telesia Joseph would be the winner for the side from Belmont.
In the other major match up, Rangers hosted S.t Augustine at the Carenage Recreation Ground. In an end to end battle from start to finish, St. Augustine got the better of the Rangers as Celeste Thomas showed tremendous technique as she curled her shot far post that left Rangers custodian frozen in disbelief. This lone goal was enough to give ‘Gustine’ their third consecutive win and moved them into second place.
The two other fixtures had to be rescheduled and will play later in the week.
In the first Division, St. Augustine junior team continued the winning streak, defeating Malvern 3-0 at Frederick Settlement, while Diego Martin Central defeated Central United 5-1, with goals from Alizza Mc Cutcheon, Shania Lewis, Maria-Frances Serrant and Akilah Crawford scoring a double. Shari Guerri scored the lone goal for Central United.
Trincity Nationals travelled to Carenage to face off against St. Ann’s Rangers junior team in their final match of the season. They ended the season as the started scoring goals without mercy and defeated Rangers 17 goals to nil. Shanelle Warrick scored 6, Ranelle Pascall 3, Kelsey Henry 2, while Nia Honore, Natisha John, Nickisha James and Adanya Phillip each scored a goal.Added to this nightmare, Rangers scored 2 own goals.
With the last 2 match days on Tuesday and Saturday, the battle is now between St. Augustine, Rangers and Petrotrin as they each vie for the runner up spot. (WOLF Press Release)

Photo at top shows members of the Trincity Nationals Team