John-Williams- Club Licensing Workshop coming for local clubs

On the heels of a Solidarity Contribution and Training Compensation Workshop hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association aimed at bringing benefits to local clubs, TTFA President David John-Williams says plans are afoot to stage a Club Licensing Program in the near future.

The TTFA boss was speaking last week following the hosting of the Solidarity Contribution workshop which saw German Attorney-at-Law Jan Schweele and Dr Georg Froese deliver presentations to members of the local clubs and other organizations.

“In the near future there is going to be a club licensing arrangement which is another initiative by FIFA and Concacaf to ensure that clubs are properly registered and structured and that will take place within the TTFA from within the next two weeks,” John-Williams stated.

“This particular workshop is going to ensure that the clubs will need to be properly structured, they need to track their players properly and it is only going to help the administration of Trinidad and Tobago football from a club level. That will eventually transcend itself to the benefit of the national team because we will now have a more structured youth system and club system,” he said.

“It is important to have another session like the Solidarity contribution workshop again in Trinidad and Tobago maybe over two days. I think we will give the clubs more notice so that we can have more participants, maybe one hundred to one hundred and fifty participants who will make this workshop more worthwhile.”

The Club Licensing System seeks to raise the level of club football on and off the pitch, and represents the long-term development tool for Confederations and members associations as defined by FIFA.

First introduced at the FIFA Congress in 2006, the Club Licensing system sets criteria that clubs must meet to ensure participation, with the world soccer governing body listing it a top priority for the 2015-2018 Cycle. Its objective include but not limited to  promoting  and  improving  of  the  quality  and   level  of  all  football.

It is aimed at ensuring  that  the  clubs  have  the  appropriate  infrastructure,  knowledge  and  application in respect of management and organisation; Adapting and improving the clubs sporting infrastructure; Improving the economic and financial capacity of clubs, through proper corporate governance and control and ensuring and guaranteeing the continuity of international competitions of clubs during the season.