Security Advisory for Patrons Attending Tuesday’s WCQ

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association wishes to inform the Public that a meticulous Security Operational Policy has been established, adhering to FIFA regulations to ensure  the safety and security of all those who attend the crucial 2018 World Cup qualifying match between Trinidad and Tobago and St Vincent and the Grenadines on Tuesday 29 March 2016, commencing at 7 pm at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

Several meetings and on site viewing have been conducted  with all the different arms of the Protective Services, TTFA Security officials and SPORTT, over the last few weeks, to ensure that there would be a comprehensive Security Operational Plan, and all of this would be monitored and coordinated through a Venue Operations Centre in the Stadium on matchday.

That being the case, spectators can feel comfortable to know that all that is required to ensure their safety and security has and would be implemented as meticulous Security arrangements  have been made starting as soon as the teams land in our country.

These systems will continue for future International matches so supporters can attend the match to support their National Team with that knowledge.

In fact, because of no stone being left unturned in terms of security for this match, one of the safest places to be will be at the Hasely Crawford National Stadium that day.

However, this does not mean that patrons would be inconvenienced or burdened to enter or depart after the match, as some may have experienced at the last qualifying game against the United States.

A thorough research was conducted to rectify these matters, and even though there will be strict security protocols implemented, due to intense meetings and planning by a professional Security Secretariat that was set up to ensure that this game would be incident free. Systems will be implemented to also ensure that there would be no undue frustration for spectators such as long lines and waiting periods to enter the venue.

The TTFA will however seek the support of the public to ensure that such concerns  can be even further reduced, if they can adhere to these regulations, and this would cause the entrance into the Stadium to be made even easier for all –

We are requesting that the following guidelines be adhered to

– No Coolers

– No large Knapsacks

– No alcohol  to be brought into the Stadium by spectators

– No Firearms would be permitted, even if citizens have authorization to carry such weapons

-All spectators will be scanned via Walk through scanners on entry,

– All spectators are asked to have their ticket in their hand to show on entry into the Stadium just prior to being searched at that Check Point

– As much as possible, other than motor vehicle  keys, spectators are asked to refrain from walking with any type of metal object, to prevent a secondary check.

– All ticket holders for covered and uncovered stands are to enter thought the same gate, which is the Gate next to the Red Cross Compound.

– Ticket holders will NOT be allowed access through any other entrance

– All persons with Accreditation will not be allowed entry at this gate.

– Accredited Personnel  will gain access through the gate which is obliquely opposite Lions Centre. This includes vendors, staff, security personnel, and the Media.

– Gates would be open to the Public from 4 pm, so all are encouraged to turn up in large numbers from early.

Tickets Are on Sale at All advertised outlets straight into Tuesday and will also be on sale from Tuesday morning at the Match Venue from 9am. Tickets cost $300 (covered) and $150 (uncovered). All Patrons including children must have a ticket to enter the stadium.