Hislop backs John-Williams led TTFA to deliver

 Former National Team goalkeeper and current ESPN pundit Shaka Hislop is placing faith in President David John-Williams and his executive at the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association to build on a framework to take the local game forward.

Hislop spoke on the weekend about his hopes for the new administration, expressing confidence in its ability to govern the game as it should be.

“I’ve known President John-Williams for some time and have had the opportunity to work with him on a number of football related activities in the past, so maybe I’m biased,” Hislop said.

“I have a lot of respect for the President and his administration, as I did with Mr (Raymond) Tim Kee. I feel that with the right people in place, and the right support our football will continue to move forward.

“ A lot of the heavy digging that was needed to get us out of the hole that our football had found itself in was done by the last administration under Mr. Tim Kee, the challenge now  is to build a framework that will continue to take our game forward,” Hislop stated.

Hislop also spoke to TTFA Media about his recent honouring as one of the top goalkeepers in the 50 years of the Secondary Schools Football League.”I maintain, I have never enjoyed my football as much as playing for St. Mary’s College in the SSFL. I look back on those days with fondness, as the time where I truly fell in love with all the game has to offer. To this day I remain as huge fan of CIC and an advocate of the SSFL. As a result, being honored as one of the all time great goalkeepers means more than most can imagine. Being recognized for doing something that means as much to me as SSFL does is humbling.

“As I had mentioned, it was during those days that I truly fell in love with all the game- the competition, the rivalries, both between teams and individuals, the pre-game build up, the post-game scrutiny. Playing in the SSFL also gave me the foundations of having to balance my academics with my athletics which served me well at Howard University, and the discipline that I needed to succeed as a pro.

Hislop recalled his fondest memories which was part of a in-camp chat with the “Soca Warriors” during the 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign.

“Among my fondest memories is keeping a clean sheet in a 0-0 draw with Sando Tech in ’86 (I think it was), the season they had won every other game. During the ’06 WC qualifiers we were playing away to Costa Rica and Russell Latapy was telling the story of that season. I was listening but pretending to not pay him any attention, and then he said they had won every game that season. I was waiting 20 years for someone to say that! ! I had a field day correcting him and reliving that game,” Hislop said with a big laugh.

A flashback interview with Shaka