Chad Appoo – T&T Beach Soccer player looks for more goals

Chad Appoo has been a vibrant member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Beach Soccer team, participating at the two CONCACAF Final Round of World Qualifiers in 2013 in Bahamas and 2015 in El Salvador. He was the team’s topscorer in the 2013 tournament with six goals.

He was also part of the winning team at the 2015 Lucayan Challenge in the Bahamas when T&T defeated Mexico 5-4.

Chad played professionally in the Swiss Beach Soccer League in 2014 with Swiss Chargers. He is a former St Mary’s College player. The player suffered an ACL injury this month but hopes to be back in time for the qualifiers later this year.

1. What has been your best moment as a National Beach footballer? Defeating Mexico at the recent Lucayan Cup in Bahamas. Our debut game as a national team was at the 2013 World Cup Qualifiers in Bahamas against Mexico and we lost 9-1. Two years later we were able to get revenge and it just shows our progress thus far.

2. What you think makes the difference between Beach football and regular 11 v 11 football? The main difference I would say is the unpredictability of the sand, you always got to expect the unexpected from the surface.

3. What made you want to play Beach football? I was approached by our president Mr. Kyle Lequay and he introduced me to the sport. Naturally, I fell in love with the game after that. It requires a different skill set to that of the grass game. It’s a lot of tricks, flicks, and acrobatics, stuff that I like to do.

4. Do you see potential for it in Trinidad and Tobago? Yes, of course. In the two years we’ve been playing we’ve made tremendous progress and currently ranked #1 in CFU. I believe we can qualify for a world cup and hopefully host one as well.

T&T Beach Soccer Player Chad Apoo has his sights set on World Cup qualification.
T&T Beach Soccer Player Chad Appoo has his sights set on World Cup qualification.

5. What was the experience like playing at the Lucayan tournament in Bahamas? Like I said before, our first international tournament was at the Malcom Park in Bahamas, an experience I’ll never forget because although results didn’t go in our favour that’s where it all began really. Returning to play in the Lucayan Cup was also special as we won our first international cup. Ironically, the next Beach Soccer World Cup 2017 is in the Bahamas, so hopefully we’ll be there again.

6. Where do you see yourself in the next two years in Beach football? Two years from now I hope to have helped Trinidad and Tobago qualify for its first ever Beach Soccer World Cup. Also, for me I’d like to return to Europe and play in a couple of leagues there.

7. What do you think about the work being done by the FA to develop Beach football? 

The support from the Association has been tremendous, they took us under their umbrella and we’ve been provided with training gear and equipment. If I had one request, it would be that they build us an official Beach Soccer Stadium.

8. How have the preparations for the Beach Football World qualifiers been coming along? It’s been progressive, the coaching staff is always on the look out for new talent and the players welcome the new competition as well. Hopefully, we can get some more International matches (like the Lucayan Cup) in before the next qualifiers.