Kevin Molino Goes on a one on one

Being on the sidelines for an extensive period and forced to miss doing what you love is never an easy hurdle to overcome. And for Kevin Molino, he’s been in this position since May 2nd following an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear which required surgery on his right knee and a long rehab period which he is still undergoing.

But from all accounts, the T&T midfielder looks set to be ready for the 2016 American Major League (MLS) season and putting on the Trinidad and Tobago shirt at some point next year is looking more and more a possibility. In this interview he tells TTFA Media more about this recovery process and just how much he is excited to put on the Trinidad and Tobago shirt again.

1.What is your current mindset like as you come to the end of your rehab following the injury ?

My mind set at the moment is to get back to full fitness for next season and enjoy being on the field again. I have gone through a very tough time but I have survived it and I’ve passed the test. This was my first big injury and it taught me a lot about myself. It is not something I will wish on anyone. It was a very testing time. But Thanks to God and the great people who have been at my side every day.. I have been able to come through this.

2.How excited are you about playing again?

I’m very excited for next season because I have a lot to offer for club (Orlando City) and country. It’s almost like I am counting down the days now but I have to be patient also because there are certain precautions I have to follow and I want to ensure I am fully recovered before I start playing fully again.

Kevin Molino is escorted off with the injury while playing for Orlando City
Kevin Molino is escorted off with the injury while playing for Orlando City

3. How would you in three words describe the past 10 months or so of your career… the whole recovery process?

The past ten months were very, very difficult for me for me because I never ever missed training session so this was very new to me. Not being able to turn up for training or having to watch the guys during the games both at Orlando and for the National Team was very frustrating in the first few weeks. But a lot of praying and staying focused allowed me to settle down and focus on my rehab. I have been having sessions three times a day and focusing a lot on my upper body as well. Now I can run normal again. I can kick the ball well, pass it well and I am starting to feel comfortable again which is very important for me

Khaleem Hyland in action for the National Team of Trinidad and Tobago against Guatemala during a World Cup qualifier in November.
Khaleem Hyland in action for the National Team of Trinidad and Tobago against Guatemala during a World Cup qualifier in November.

4.What do you think of the performance of the National team this year?

I think the performance was quite good. I think we have a lot to offer for the next couple years and also a great bunch of guys to work with. I’m feeling the World Cup in 2018. The coach and his staff has done a very good job. A lot of people out here in the US have been saying a lot of good things about the team now, especially after the Gold Cup and the game against the USA. When the guys out here start talking that way, that’s when you know people are taking notice and that something good is happening. I felt very proud of the way the team performed this year and I’m very excited to be part of the squad again.

Kevin Molino with Kaka.
Kevin Molino with Kaka.

5.What do you think of Trinidad and Tobago playing in the Copa America next year?

It is very important for us to quality for the Copa America to see where we are at when it comes to these world rated opponents. I think it will be a fabulous experience for the team and a great exposure for Trinidad and Tobago. It would fall in the middle of our World Cup qualifiers also which means it will fit in with our preparations for the remaining matches in the campaign. The Copa America is massive and people are very excited about it being played in the United States. It promises to be a great experience.

6. And Finally, what is your goal for 2016?

To start back doing what I love, what I believe I was placed on this earth to do which is playing football, entertaining the fans and helping my teammates accomplish great things.

I think both my club and country has the ability to accomplish great things and I will go out of my way to be part of making this a reality.