John Williams is elected as New President of TTFA

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association has a new President in David John Williams following his defeat of Raymond Tim Kee for the position at the FA’s Internal Elections on Sunday at the VIP Lounge, Hasely Crawford Stadium.

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In the second round of voting, John Williams received 25 votes to Tim Kee’s 19 while a third candidate Clynt Taylor received one vote. The elections went to a second round because no candidate had 50 percent or more of the votes. Forty five delegates were present for voting with North East Stars and Point Fortin Civic Centre both failing to show. And there were no representations from the Coaches or Players Association which are non-operational.

After Round one, John Williams was ahead with 18, followed by Tim Kee (13), Taylor (8) and Ramesh Ramdhan and Selby Browne with three each. Both Browne and Ramdhan were eliminated after round one.

John Williams maintained a fair advantage to take the post in Round Two.

The three elected Vice Presidents are Ewing Davis, Joanne Salazar and Allan Warner, all members of John Williams’ slate.

The Board of Directors also elected following a lengthy voting process on Sunday night are Samuel Saunders (Central FA), Sherwyn Dyer (Eastern Counties Football Union), Karanjabari Williams (Northern FA), Richard Quan Chan (Southern FA), Anthony Moore (Tobago FA), Joseph Taylor (T&T Football Referees Association), Dexter Skeene (TT Pro League) and Sharon O’Brien (Women’s League Football).

FIFA representatives Primo Corvoro, FIFA Head of Member Associations and Luca Nicola, Manager Member Associations for FIFA, were both present as observers.

John Williams in the process, became the 25th President of the TTFA dating back to its inception in 1908.

In an immediate reaction, John Williams said : ” I will like to give thanks to the Almighty and thanks to the team that has supported me. I will give my best for Trinidad and Tobago football.

“Some of my immediate goals is to get a budget setting exercise as there are a couple of teams supposed to leave for competitions urgently. Setting up the sub-committees is very important and the technical committee  also has to be set up very quickly as I think it is going to play a major role in Trinidad and Tobago football . All these committees need to be functioning as quickly as possible so that we can ensure there is good governance. The other project that is very important for us is the Copa America playoff in January. I will have to meet very quickly with Stephen Hart to see how best we can ensure the team is ready for this game.

“I am the president of the TTFA. I am the president of all of Trinidad and Tobago football and I am very mindful of that. I am going to serve well,” Williams added.

He continued., “I can’t change the passion and love that I have for W Connection. I just have to manage it but I  have to be independent. Andtrust me, I know that Trinidad and Tobago will be scrutinizing me very, very much as far as W Connection is concerned. My daughter is going to take up the mantle (with W Connection).”

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