The TTFA Home of Football

After over 100 years of not having a home, the TTFA is much closer to realising the dream of having its own Training and Technical Centre in the not too distant future. Together with being compliant with the requirements of FIFA, the FA will now pursue in earnest the development of its Technical Centre in the shortest possible time.

Sports Minister lauds Progress of Home of Football Site

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The TTFA will like to thank the Prime Minister,  and his Cabinet and by extension the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for the support it has given to the TTFA over the past 18months.

The first phase of the Home of Football will include the construction of player accommodations, two additional training pitches  to be flood-lit together with ancillary facilities and a beach soccer pitch. The second phase will include four additional pitches comprising of both artificial and natural grass surfaces and a futsal court.

Additionally, the TTFA has received approval from FIFA to restart the Income Generation Project which was stalled under the previous administration. This project will now be of a different nature as proposed by the new TTFA administration and approved by FIFA and will take the form of an Entertainment and Sports Bar and Restaurant project at the Home of Football. This income generation project will capture not only the patrons who attend local and international events at the state of the art Cycling Velodrome and Aquatic Centre and the nearby National Cricket Centre but also other guests who may chose to experience all attractions at the Home of Football.

This is a key step towards the FA’s strive to be self-sustainable and to raise additional revenue that will assist in the development of our country’s football which is so badly needed.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino and TTFA President David John-Williams at the sod turning for the Centre alongside Minister of Sport Darryl Smith.
Site of Player Accommodation Hotel and Training Pitch currently undergoing work.

Teams and Officials Hotel Accommodation
Training Fields for National Youth Teams
A Beach Soccer facility